About Small World SEO

Small World SEO is an SEO and Link Building company based in Altrincham (Manchester) in the UK which was started in June 2012 with one simple objective, to provide the Best SEO and Link Building Services for Small and Medium sized Businesses, without the high costs usually associated with online Marketing Agencies!

We also differ from the big agencies, because we wont make you sign up for long contracts because lets face it, you can’t predict what will happen within your business in 12 days, let alone 12 months! So the only contract you’ll have with us starts with an invoice and ends when we’ve completed the work we agreed to do. No subscriptions, no contracts and no long term headaches…

The company is owned and operated by David Smith a Freelance SEO Consultant and Link Builder who has been involved in SEO since 2005! David Smith lives and breathes SEO, working full-time 9-5 in-house as a Senior SEO Consultant managing a small team at a £400m a year turnover business in Manchester, and handling freelance client work in the evenings and weekends.

We’re able to scale our services by having a small team of 5 off-shore workers who provide backup services for the manual link building jobs such as directory submissions and low level research tasks such as guest blogging and helping with link removal tasks. They never directly liaise with clients nor do they have any input in to the SEO and link building tasks, they simply help with the more time consuming tasks enabling us as a business to scale to the demands of client work.

There are also small team of UK based freelance copywriters who have been known to David for many years prior to starting the business and offering services to clients. We’d never consider cutting costs by employing off-shore workers to do writing tasks or anything else that would effect the quality of what we offer. If you’re unsure of what we say, consider the fact that if we fail in our job, you wont want to pay us next month! So we’re much happier knowing we’re building lasting business relationships, than making a fast buck.

So as we’ve already said, ALL the SEO tasks and campaign management is carried out by David, an SEO with many years experience, so you can be sure that every part of your SEO campaign is being managed by somebody with years of experience and understanding of what it takes to perform well in Google’s search results. You can contact David any time through the contact form or by email.