Monthly SEO & Link Building

There is only one sure fire way to get to the top of Google and that is through building a well optimised website and by using a range of Link Building methods.

On-page SEO only accounts for between 30-40% of Google’s algorithm, meaning that even with your website being 100% perfect, you will likely find it tough to gain good rankings without Link Building which will give you the opportunity of acquiring some of the other 60-70% benefit of Google’s algorithm.

SEO & Link Building Packages

New Packages Coming Soon – Email for details

Due to recent updates with Google, we’re re-evaluating what we’re offering our clients both old and new. As so, if you have any questions, please get in touch and see how we can help you.

In the mean time, check our Link Building and Guest Blogging packages to help increase the blog posts initial rankings and to help get them indexed much sooner.

Google Algorithm Updates

Of course with Google’s last major updates, Google Penguin (Link Building) and Google Panda (on-page content). Many faced the harsh reality of years of poor advice from SEO agencies and overseas SEO’s who had undertook low quality Link Building in order to keep costs low.

Strangely, there are still SEO’s and businesses paying for SEO and Link Building services who are happy to accept automated and risky Link Building in order to to try and ‘game’ Google’s algorithm.

The fact remains, there are no easy ways to the top of Google anymore and in order to do this safely and effectively in a way that will prevent future problems. SEO and Link Building campaigns need to be thought of as long term objectives and not short term gains.

If your business operates in a competitive industry, it will not be a case of doing a one off batch of Link Building and hoping for the best. It will be something that will need to be worked at over a few months.

Even when you do find yourself ranking on page one. That will not be the end of the campaign, as it is most likely your competitors will also be undertaking some form of SEO and Link Building themselves in order to keep themselves on the first page.

Five SEO & Link Building Packages

We have developed five different Link Building packages that will offer you a nicely balanced Link Profile with a variety of Links coming from a variety of Link sources. We actively keep pace with updates with Google to ensure that we update when necessary our Link Building packages to provide the safest forms of Link Building.

We believe by offering five different packages, we’re offering all sizes of businesses an opportunity to be able to access our services. Whether you’re self employed window cleaner working on your own looking for Local SEO services, or running a window fitting company with a handful of employees or even a large business with hundreds of employees in different cities and offices.

We believe we’ve setup packages to suit most budgets. However, we can cater for almost any budget, so if you have more or less to spend than any of our packages, we can simply add additional services or reduce some of the services to suit your budget. So what do you have to lose? Get in touch with us to find out more…

UK SEO Copywriters

Unlike some other SEO agencies who put profits before quality, we only employ professional UK SEO copywriters to write all our content, from Press Releases, Articles and content for Guest Blogging. We believe that good quality content will pay a more vital role in future iterations of Google’s algorithm updates. This is because well written content is less likely to have been created by automated software and will more likely be useful to visitors reading that particular content.

Keywords for Link Building

We suggest that you target no more than 10 search terms at any time, any more and we are going to dilute the SEO effort. We have suggested more keywords in the pricing table below, but this is only from past experience with some clients.

We can work with you to create a list of keywords to target if you do not have any idea which will be most useful for your business. We will draw up a list of keywords based on Google’s Keyword Planner Tools, suggestion of average monthly searches. Although this isn’t entirely accurate, it does give us a useful idea of likely competition and monthly searches through Google.